Connected community is the practice of working to understand the social issues affecting our community, actively promoting awareness of other perspectives, and fostering understanding through the visual arts.

VisArts’ strength is our ability to bring people together through shared creative experiences, fostering exposure to new perspectives, mutual respect, and a truly connected community.

Frame & Frequency VII

Frame & Frequency VII, Moving or Being Moved, Sabine Gruffat, 2021

Frame & Frequency aims to present a diverse group of artists representing multi-generational and cultural backgrounds, nationalities and personal histories, while demonstrating the artists’ impressive command of video and new media technologies.

This edition includes artists: Roland Lauth with Bates Belk, Leslie Condon, Alexander Fingrutd, Carlos Franco, Mayte Gómez Molina, Sabine Gruffat, Sarah Lasley, Marin Martinie, and Leyla Rodriguez.

Please join us for an in person reception
June 24, 2021
7 – 9 PM