VisArts: Art + Recovery - Behind the Mask Workshop

Behind the Mask

Join us in front of VisArts on Thursday, September 8 from 5-8:50 PM for Behind the Mask, an art workshop for every person, family, and community member with a connection to addiction. The workshop is free, thanks to a grant from the City of Rockville. Registration is required for one of the four sessions; RSVP below.

VisArts is hosting Behind the Mask in recognition of National Recovery Month and in support of the City of Rockville’s commitment to increasing awareness of addiction’s impact on our community.

We’re surrounded by addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling, phones, gaming, food, and more. Many of us know someone fighting to overcome addiction, including ourselves – but we hide the pain, fear, loss, and hope behind the mask of “everything’s fine.”

Behind the Mask will provide participants an opportunity to create meaningful representations of addiction, recovery, and the emotions they evoke by designing and decorating a mask. An instructor with ties to the addiction and recovery community will provide guidance and assistance.

We hope this activity will inspire participants to externalize their feelings and gain insight into themselves and others experiencing addiction and recovery.