On-Call Summer Camp Wellness Counselor

VisArts is seeking an attentive, positive, and knowledgeable individual to be an on-call summer camp wellness counselor. The wellness counselor will be responsible for ensuring the mental health and emotional wellbeing of campers. On-call counselors should be available Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM for their assigned sessions.

This is a primarily remote position, but on-call wellness counselors must be able to come to VisArts to introduce themselves to staff and campers at the beginning of every session*.

On-call wellness counselors must have experience working with children, tweens, and/or teens (ages 5 to 17) in an educational setting.

VisArts is actively recruiting applicants from all backgrounds so that our staff more closely matches the diversity of our community. We believe a diverse team creates a better experience for our community, a better place to work, and a better world to live in. We strongly encourage BIPOC, AAPI, and/or LGBTQ+ applicants.

What We’re Looking For

Ideal candidates will

  • Possess a mental health and/or wellness certification or a combination of training and experience demonstrating the competencies required for the effective performance of the position’s essential duties.
  • Support a positive camp culture in which students love learning and establish a positive, inclusive classroom environment through proactive methods, an organized management system, and strong rapport with students.
  • Hold all students to high expectations, and believe that students with disabilities, neurodiverse students, and emergent bilingual learners are capable of incredible growth and achievement.
  • Maintain professionalism within a camp setting.
  • Communicate consistently and effectively with VisArts camp staff.
  • Appropriately perform onsite duties and tasks if called on and be capable of managing a variety of possible situations, including problem solving, bullying issues, and behavioral issues.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Masters or undergraduate degree in counseling, social work, or marriage and family therapy or a doctoral degree in psychology together with a minimum of  two years’ experience as a professional counselor.

More On What You’ll Be Doing

  • Overseeing the safety and wellbeing of students while onsite.
  • Implementing safe and appropriate management processes and wellness procedures when working with instructors, camp staff, volunteers, and campers.
  • Recognizing and informing Camp Co-Directors of behavior and/or language that requires staff attention.
  • Working with Camp Co-Directors to manage and regularly update Wellbeing Forms used to document incidents with campers who demonstrate recurring wellness and behavioral issues.
  • Working with Camp Co-Directors, instructors, and/or witnesses of incidents to complete a Wellness Incident Report after a wellness or mental health incident occurs during camp. 
  • Providing individual and group counseling to students.
  • Assisting in developing and implementing mental health programming for the camp community.
  • Helping to create procedures and processes regarding mental health and well being.

What We’re Offering

  • Starting rate of $200 per session plus hourly wage of $25/hour if/when called in. Travel costs will be reimbursed.
  • Passionate, creative, and friendly co-workers.  
  • Fun, convenient location (Rockville Town Square, three blocks from the Metro).

*Camp Dates

  • Session1: June 19-June 30
  • Session 2: July 5-July 14 (Eight Days)
  • Session 3: July 17-July 28
  • Session 4: July 31-August 11
  • Session 5: August 14-August 25

What’s it like to work at VisArts as a BIPOC, AAPI, and/or LGBTQ+ employee? 

VisArts has a long history of working with, and championing, a diverse culture and community. Some employees and many instructors, artists, students, campers, counselors, and volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds – and we’re serious about creating a work culture that better reflects our diverse community.

If you have any questions, please contact Camp Co-Directors Shraddha Tiwari or Eliza Clifford at 301.315.8200 x104 or x122 or email stiwari@visartscenter.org or eclifford@visartscenter.org.