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A thriving art scene drives employment, revenue, and community engagement to Montgomery County. According to a study by Americans for the Arts, the nonprofit arts sector in Montgomery County produces $183 million in economic impact and $15 million in revenue. Founded in 1987, VisArts is the county’s largest visual arts organization, which employs 100 individuals, annually draws 30,000 people to Rockville Town Square, and spurs economic development in the region. Our partnerships with local businesses have resulted in public art installations, increased tourism, and paid work for artists. When you partner with VisArts, you make Montgomery County a more vibrant place to live and work.

Most importantly, these partnerships have strengthened our community by providing more than $200,000 annually in artist stipends, scholarships, free classes, and discounts for individuals and groups, ensuring that our creative experiences are widely accessible. Your support makes these opportunities possible.

Our business partners are recognized in our emails (16,000+ engaged recipients), on our website, on our donor wall, at community events, and in email newsletters and social media posts. Employee discounts and other benefits are available. We look forward to updating you on how your support has made a difference and exploring ways we can work together to make our community brighter.

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Help VisArts realize our vision of a vibrant, diverse community enriched and connected by the visual arts. Your charitable donation supports:

  • $1,000: 3 summer camp scholarships
  • $2,500: 5 stipends for exhibiting artists
  • $5,000: 5 gallery opening receptions
  • $10,000: 1 year of support for free classes
  • $20,000: 1 year of support for Visability Art Lab

For more information or to envision new partnership opportunities, contact Sharon Witting, Development Vice President, at

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