General Education Jobs, Internships and Volunteer Opportunities

Art Instructor

VisArts is looking for visual art instructors with an interest in multicultural curricula for our thriving DMV art center. We work with artists/instructors of all experience levels and can provide support for beginning teachers as well. Bilingual teachers are encouraged to apply, particularly those with Spanish and Chinese fluency. Hourly rates begin at $23 an hour and go up depending on experience. Degrees and teaching certificates are not required.

Please send a letter to VisArts Education Director Lisa Gallant at describing your area of teaching interest and an online interview will be scheduled.

VisArts está buscando un/a profesor/a con interés en programas multiculturales para nuestra organización de arte. Trabajamos con artistas/instructores de todos niveles de experiencia, también, podemos apoyar profesores/as novatos. Animamos a profesores bilingües a solicitar, sobre todo los que hablan español o chino. Empezamos a $23/hora y la subimos dependiendo de la experiencia. Títulos y certificaciones no son obligatorios.

Por favor, mande una carta de presentación a la Directora de Educación de VisArts, Lisa Gallant a La carta debe incluir tu área de interés artística. Estaremos en contacto para organizar una entrevista online. 

VisArts正在為我們蓬勃發展的DMV藝術中心尋找對多元文化課程感興趣的視覺藝術講師。 我們與所有經驗水平的藝術家/講師合作,也可以為新手老師提供支持。 鼓勵雙語老師申請,特別是那些流利西班牙語和漢語的老師。 每小時的費率從每小時23美元開始,並根據經驗而有所提高。 不需要學位和教學證書。

請致信VisArts教育總監Lisa Gallant,郵箱,描述您感興趣的教學領域,並將安排在線面試。

Emerging Teacher Mentorship Program

VisArts welcomes artists to apply to its Emerging Teacher Mentorship Program. This program is designed for those who would like to teach art classes but have little or no prior teaching experience. If you have an art background and would like to begin teaching art classes, this program might be for you.

VisArts provides lesson observations, one-on-one feedback, and ongoing support for mentorship teachers to grow and improve in the classroom. VisArts will advise mentorship teachers on lesson plans, curriculum development, and classroom management during the 8-week program time and provide post mentorship support.

Mentorship teachers are encouraged to join the VisArts Faculty Team during the mentorship program to meet other teachers and participate in team curriculum development.

VisArts encourages members of underrepresented groups to apply.

This is a part-time position. The pay rate for mentorship teachers is $23 per hour.

VisArts is currently accepting applications for Summer 2023 sessions. Applications are due by May 1, 2023.

To apply, email Emily Fucello at with your portfolio and resume.

Education Office Assistant Volunteer

A VisArts Office Volunteer will assist the VisArts administrative staff with everyday operational tasks. Volunteers will assist with classroom set up, material preparation and other day-to-day assignments.

Job Description: Education Office Assistants will…

  • Train in the administrative offices and learn about the operations of the organization
  • Set up classrooms and prep materials for classes
  • Help teachers; provide them with the proper materials and paperwork for their classes
  • Assist staff with general daily tasks
  • Assist staff with office cleaning duties

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Volunteers must be able to volunteer for minimum, one entire semester
  • Volunteers must commit to volunteering at least 2 days per week, 3-5 hours per day
  • Volunteers must inform Volunteer Coordinator of any attendance changes  as soon as possible, and must commit to making up the day that they miss
  • Volunteers must have reliable transportation to and from VisArts
  • Volunteers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19