Online Camp

We do not expect parents/guardians to be sitting by their child’s side all day as they participate in camp. In fact, we encourage as much independent work as possible. However, it may be necessary for parents/guardians (particularly of the Online Young Artists) to step in and assist their child with technological issues, understanding instructions, and carrying out certain tasks.

Before camp starts, please make sure you have a Zoom account, a working internet connection, and a space for your camper to work. An ideal work area would be somewhere with a large, flat surface for them to work on, without carpet (or plenty of material to cover carpets/floors), and with space for them to move around during the movement class. Of course we understand if this is not possible, but please do your best to find an adequate space for them to work.

Families should also make an appointment to pick up their Material Boxes here. Once you pick up your box, please check the list provided to ensure that all necessary supplies have been provided. If anything is missing, please contact us immediately so we can get the supplies to you.

A list of basic materials that students should already have can be found on the online camp page. Materials on this list will NOT be provided. All other materials will be provided in our material boxes. Boxes will be prepared ahead of time by VisArts staff and will contain materials needed for each respective session. It is the responsibility of the families to pick up their material boxes. To make an appointment to pick up your materials during one of our designated pick-up times (Tues. 9 – 11 am, Thurs. 4 – 6 pm, and Sat. 10am – 2pm) click here. The quantity of materials will be based on the curriculum, it is the camper’s responsibility to use the materials as instructed so as not to run out of something they may need later in the week. VisArts will NOT be providing an ‘a la carte’ material service.

Please click HERE to sign up for material pick-up or delivery.

We will provide a list of the supplies you will be receiving in your box, upon retrieval, please double check the list to ensure you have received all your supplies.

Throughout camp, students will make a variety of different projects that will eventually need to be glazed or fired to be brought to completion. The glazing and firing process will be overseen by VisArts staff in its entirety. Projects will need to be brought to VisArts facility for their completion. Pieces will be glazed, fired, and prepared for pick up by staff, and be ready to be retrieved two weeks after the drop-off date. We will NOT send individual emails; all work WILL be ready two weeks after drop off. Please make an appointment to drop off and pick up finished pieces on our website. Upon drop off, families will be given a dated confirmation stating that their pieces have been received.

Please note, those registered for Teen Ceramics camp will have materials delivered and pick-up by VisArts staff, therefore at the end of the session, pieces will be collected by staff along with the wheel and other materials. However, these pieces will need to be picked up.

If any sort of IT issues arise, please check your internet connection. If it is an exterior problem, please contact us immediately via email at camptechsupport@visartscenter.org. A staff member will be checking the emails frequently and will guide you through troubleshooting to get your system back up and running. While not ideal, cellular data may be used to connect during any internet outage. 

VisArts Online Camp will be using Zoom as our main teaching platform. Zoom is a web-based video conferencing platform that allows for a virtual classroom experience. Please visit the Zoom website to register for a free account. Families will be sent the links to Zoom classes prior to the start of camp.

Please note class Zoom links will remain the same throughout the entire session.

Artsonia is a free online portfolio database.

Teachers will create a board for each class that your camper is participating in and students will log in to begin uploading pictures of their work. Parents/guardians can log on as well to see what their kids are working on, as well as other campers in the class. Please note, Artsonia is NOT private so please do not post pictures of your children, only their work. 

To learn more about Artsonia, please check out their website and check out some tutorials:

Artsonia How To

Artsonia App How To

VisArts is a safe place for people of all ages, sexes, ethnicities, beliefs, and orientations, we therefore have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying. This policy remains intact for our online camp. We understand students will not be interacting in the same way they would be in an on-site class, however, there will still be many opportunities for campers to talk, share their work, and interact. In the release forms families are required to fill out online, you will find the code of conduct that both you and your camper must sign. If we feel your camper is in any way violating the code of conduct, based on the degree of seriousness, we reserve the right to not invite them back for the remainder of camp.

AAC stands for Art Activity Challenge. During these classes, students will work on small simple crafts, as well as participate in fun challenges and activities with teachers and other campers. 

Group live time will be a class at the end of the day in which both Online Adventures in Art and Online Young Artists will participate in together. This time will be used to broaden campers experience beyond the visual arts. Guest speakers from the community will talk to our campers two to three times a week about different subjects, such as recycling, the environment and more! Attendance is optional.

Group live time at the end of the day, Art Activity Challenge, and movement sessions are all optional. While the schedule changes daily, and classes will alternate between live and pre-recorded sessions, teachers will be proceeding with lessons with the understanding that students will have watched the pre-recorded videos. It is up to the students to make sure they are keeping up with classes and the schedules.

Please email us at assistantcampdirector@visartscenter.org as soon as possible if your student cannot attend one of our classes. Please note, teachers will not be providing make-up classes for any missed live sessions. Students may attend office hours and ask questions, but it is not a make-up session. Campers should watch all pre-recorded videos, as subsequent live classes may incorporate skills learned from those classes.

All Camps

Campers are grouped by age within the same camp. Campers in different camps cannot be together. Example: Artistic Adventures and Art, Technology and Movement (ATM) friends can not be in the same class or group. The ages in each group are dependent on the number of enrollment in each session. Friends must only be up to 2 years apart to considered to be group together. If friends are more than 2 years apart, the older friend will move to the younger class. Please note that while VisArts will do its best to ensure your children are grouped together, we do not and cannot make any guarantees.

(NEW) Online Summer Camp 

Campers are grouped by age within the same camp. Campers in different camps cannot be together. For example campers in Online Adventures in Art and Online Young Artists campers cannot be in the same class or group.

Our Online Young Artists campers will all be in one group and our Online Adventures in Art campers will be separated by age into two groups, depending on enrollment. The ages in each group are dependent on the number of enrollment in each session. Maximum of 20 students in a class. Please use the Friend Request form in the  Release Forms under Account Users to request your child to be in the same group as another child. Please note that while VisArts will do its best to ensure your children are grouped together, we do not and cannot make any guarantees.

If there is space available, you may transfer your child(ren) between any camps of the same value before camp starts, only if there is space:

  • Transfers greater than four weeks before the start of camp: No charge
  • Transfers between two and four weeks before the start of session: $25 charge
  • Transfers less than 2 weeks before start date – $50

If the value of the camp is less than the camp you are transferring from, there will be a 10% refund processing fee.


(NEW) Online Summer Camp 

If you purchased an on-site summer camp program prior to COVID-19, we are able to transfer your child into our online summer camp for no charge. There are no refunds.

Transfers can be made a week before registration closes; parents will be responsible to reschedule art supplies pick-up.

The Camp Refund Policy is as follows

Due to COVID19 VisArts has changed its on-site camp through July 31, 2020 to on-line camp only. A decision about whether August sessions will be held on-site will be made on June 17th.

At this time we are only offering credits for all prior purchases. Your credit information will be sent to your email. If you have not received your e-mail or need another copy, please contact us at assistantcampdirector@visartscenter.org.

Your credits may be used for any education or camp program and will never expire. 

(NEW) ONLINE Summer Camp: (week long+ camps)

Up to four weeks prior to start date – 100%, refund less 10%, non-refundable registration fee

Two – four weeks prior to start date – 50% refund less 10%, non-refundable registration fee

Less than two weeks prior to start date – No refunds

* Valid only for registrations after May 15th.



Please notify VisArts if your child will not attend camp due to illness, emergency or other contingencies. You may email Diana Tsai, Camp Director, DTsai@visartscernter.org, or  leave a detailed phone message by calling the VisArts office at 301-315-8200 ext 104.

(NEW) Online Summer Camp

Please email Diana Tsai, Camp Director, DTsai@visartscenter.org, as early as possible if your child will not attend camp due to illness, emergency, or other contingencies. 

All of our teachers are either Montgomery County Public School art teachers or professional artists who have taught students at other venues in the DC-metro area. All teachers have passed background checks and fingerprinting screening.

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