Rex Delafkaran

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Rex Delafkaran

October 28, 2022 – January 8, 2023

Concourse Gallery

Using the language of performance art, dance and objects my work addresses how conceptual translations can be expressed and experienced. These translations result in live performance, multimedia documentation, ceramics and sculpture. My work explores the aesthetics of written language, functional objects and queer failure congruently, attempting to answer questions. I’m interested in the body as an object and objects as bodies. I am accessing personal, cultural minutiae, ultimately building hybrid uses of language and translation in my pieces and installations. Embodying language in my sculptural and performative pieces, I investigate the formal relationships, intimacy and humor found when ideas are expressed with or through a body or simplified shape. I consider my work to be problem solving and queering materials. How do we use language to obstruct or expose? What is the relationship between the object, its function and its failure? Through my practice, I consider the emotional qualities of those objects. Reconciling and questioning my Iranian American queer identity is generative, and informs my understanding of legibility, aesthetics, humor, desire and language. I am interested in what languages and materials we have at our disposal. Where does the visceral and emotional mythologize utility and identity?

Rex Delafkaran is an interdisciplinary artist and dancer from California, and holds a degree in Ceramics and Performance Art from the San Francisco Art Institute. Using movement and objects she explores ideas of failure, intimacy and language as they relate to bodies and hybrid identities.  Delafkaran has exhibited and staged performances at the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum (Washington, DC), Panoply Performance Lab (Brooklyn, NY), Southern Exposure Gallery (San Francisco, CA), and the Textile Museum (Washington, DC) among others. Delafkaran was an Exhibition Director in Washington for 3 years, and co-founded an artist-run storefront project called “but, also” at the start of 2021 that sells artist made products and hosts exhibitions. She makes her work at STABLE Arts studio, curates independently, and exhibits and performs nationally and internationally.

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