Nanette Bevan: Tangerine

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Concourse Gallery


Opening reception: Friday, May 31, 7-9 PM

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May 17-June 12, 2024

Concourse Gallery

Artist Statement

I find it challenging to somehow distill my life and my work to a few sentences. The best I can do is share a glimpse of myself through my current work. For while I’ve been working in glass for over 20 years, I’ve probably been learning as much about myself as anything else during that time. If you want the work to reflect something about yourself, it’s a good idea to know who that is and understand how much changes and how much remains the same.

This year, post- what I have been calling “High-Covid,” I’ve been drawn to color, lots of color, intense and saturated and vibrant. Tangerine is the result.

About the Artist
Nanette Bevan creates luminous interior landscapes with glass. Her larger pieces explore opalescent worlds without boundaries and floating dreamscapes. Her smaller vessels explore abstract forms and colorful patterns, inviting the viewer to bring beauty into everyday life.

Bevan’s work is inspired by stories that seek to make sense out of an unknowable world; the endless color explorations of Paul Klee; and the beautiful, strange, and often unpredictable changes that heat will create in glass. When the kilns are full, she carries her love of color onto paper and canvas.

Over the past 20 years, Bevan’s work has been shown in exhibitions across the country. Originally from the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, she now lives in Maryland and thinks often of snow.

Bevan is a VisArts Associate Artist and faculty member.

Image: Courtesy of the Artist

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