Mojdeh Rezaeipour

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Gibbs Street Gallery


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Mojdeh Rezaeipour: formations of a diasporic body

June 9th – August 8th

Gibbs Street Gallery

<<formations of a diasporic body>> is a laboratory and playground for a collectively imagined pilgrimage across time and space. Through burned etchings onto wood, analog collage, stop motion, words, sounds, movement, projection and performance, we return, as a fragmented collective body of shared lineage, to sacred sites of our ancestral past: abandoned fortresses, remnants of ancient towns, Zoroastrian fire temples housing sacred fires that have been burning for thousands of years.  Here in this space, we engage in an embodied and decolonial archeological process, unearthing pieces of ourselves, of each other, of lost connections to homeland and belonging.

This exhibition is connected to Mojdeh’s 2018 installation Fractal Futures and a continuation of her recent Wherewithal Research project Mapping FragmentsMost importantly, none of what is present could have been possible without the generous trust and offerings of movement, performance, video and sound by beloved friends and collaborators Natalie Amini, Kamyar Arsani, Rex Delafkaran, Bita Ghavami, Nasrin Navab, and Anita Poushan. Throughout the duration of this shared experiment, the installation will constantly evolve as each participant is invited to be with and activate the space in their own way. Mojdeh will document these ongoing transformations and layer new visual and audible elements into each screen toward the cumulative screening later this summer.

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