Tyler Mountford

Tyler loves to create and has always utilized every scrap of paper available. He joined the VisAbility Art Lab in September 2017. He is particularly fond of drawing with markers and colored pencils. Tyler organizes his colors into patterns that are seen in his art. He has explored with varied paper surfaces and sizes although shows a preference for working on large paper. Within the studio, Tyler has also tried new materials including ceramics, painting, and mosaic.

Outside of the VisAbility Art Lab, Tyler has many interests including swimming, horseback riding, ice skating, skiing, and riding rollercoasters. He enjoys studying library books that illustrate cathedrals or other ornate architecture. Tyler lives in Gaithersburg with his immediate family and has a special fondness for his weekly visits with his maternal grandparents.

Tyler has shown his art at VisArts; Abstracted, Takoma Park Community Center; the Round House Theater; and at numerous arts and craft shows and fairs across the region.