Shaun McDonald

All of Shaun’s life he has liked to make movies and art. As a kid he liked drawing dragons and recalls images of a Wobat (½ wolf and ½ bat). He also enjoys other mystical creatures. Shaun enjoys working digitally on images and movies. He likes to use movie maker or stop motion pro as software with photoshop. Shaun had been working independently until he joined the VisAbility Art Lab in January 2018. When in the studio, he creates digitally, draws using colored pencils, and builds figures with wire.

When he is not at VisArts, Shaun has worked as a cook and enjoys cooking. Shaun also enjoys playing bass guitar with his band, Laughing at the Void. He enjoys decorating his apartment.

Shaun has recently exhibited at VisArts; the Round House Theater; and Out of the Box.