Art and Social Justice Fellow:

Ọmọlará Williams McCallister

Ọmọlará Williams McCallister (pronouns: o, love, beloved) makes work that is a call/response blend of: sculpture, performance, installation, ritual, space holding, community building, surface design, adornment, word, sound, song, movement, moving images and photography. Roles that Ọmọlará steps into include: artist, educator, organizer, cultural strategist, conjurer. In all forms O’s work is immersive and interactive, it is co-authored by the people who inspire and encounter it. 

Ọmọlará is from Atlanta, Ga. O’s artistic journey began in church at 7 years old as a classically trained vocalist and bassist. Love attended Dekalb School of the Arts, a magnet 8 – 12 public school. Beloved has actively organized around social justice issues on the local, regional and national levels since age 13. Ọmọlará’s upbringing in the Black south is the foundation for O’s work. 

Beloved’s work is made possible by the expansive deliciousness of love’s chosen families. These families are ecosystems of interdependent people who dare to define ourselves, shape our experiences, and create new worlds and ways of being everyday. We do all of this while living at the intersection of multiple marginalized identities. Ọmọlará proudly identifies as a poor, queer, gender fluid, Nigerian American, Black woman, and college defectee who was raised in the US south and lives with chronic illnesses and disabilities. O’s work is how O manifests paths towards personal and collective liberation which Love defines as the ability for everyone to live with ease and thrive.