Zsudayka Nzinga: There’s No Place Like Home

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Common Ground Gallery


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Zsudayka Nzinga: There’s No Place Like Home

May 25 – August 7, 2022

Common Ground Gallery

Toni Morrison “Death is a sure thing, but life is just as certain.  Problem is you can’t know in advance.” From Home.

These paintings depict everyday moments experienced by people during the pandemic.  Each moment seems ordinary but encapsulates a moment in history where people had to focus on the relationships in their households and creating safe spaces while quarantined. Spending time with siblings and children and spending time alone became a sacred practice as we all experienced at least one moment of uncertainty over whether our family members-and even ourselves- would make it through the pandemic.  To cope, people took up taking care of plants and redecorating their spaces.  People traveled to places they could be alone.  Our children had to invest in the relationships between siblings and play at home as parks were taped off in many cities.  People began reading and creating to pass the time.  They discovered new things about themselves and loved ones.  It’s about allowing yourself to find the beauty even in surprising and hard moments.

Zsudayka Nzinga is a fine artist, curator and educator from Denver, CO living in Washington, DC. Her work is largely focused on mixed media portraiture of American life including themes of motherhood and culture. Her pieces explore patterns and textures using acrylic, oil, decorative and hand dyed paper, fabric, thread and ink on canvas. She also makes jewelry using silver, wood, resin and precious stones. She is a proud mother of 3 children and wife to artist, James Terrell. She currently runs her family business, Terrell Arts DC and art design and education company and serves as Vice President of Black Artists of DC.

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