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Common Ground Gallery

Xiaosheng Bi: A Retrospective

January 21-28, 2024

Common Ground Gallery

VisArts is thrilled to present a week-long retrospective of world-renowned artist Xiaosheng Bi, who is a VisArts Studio Artist and ceramics instructor.

The exhibition explores the evolution of Bi’s works in ceramics, sculpture, and calligraphy – from earth- and sky-toned forms to celadon lidded bowls;  abstract bodies and willowy reeds on textural stands to underglazed sculptures and translucent, carved bowls; and classic teapots to vivid paintings in black or muted colorways.

We invite you to join us for an opening reception, artist talk, and signing of Bi's new book, Art: Ceramics, Sculpture, Calligraphy, on Sunday, January 21 from 1-4 PM.

Artist’s Statement

My work expresses my life experiences, the traditional ceramic techniques that I have learned, and the deep impression that classical Chinese painting and calligraphy have made on me. Given my character, I cannot create bold or imposing pieces. Rather, my aesthetic ideal pursues peacefulness through fine and delicate creation. I strive to unite the perceptual world view and impressionistic art of Eastern culture with the scientific curiosity and precision of the Western world.

Xiaosheng Bi was raised in the Chinese countryside near Xian, an area known for traditional Chinese art and culture. After studying graphic design, he worked at the Xian Craft Art Research Institute and traveled throughout China to study and document classical and folk art. In 1989, Bi was admitted to the College of Art at Qinghua University in Beijing, China, where he earned his BFA and MFA in ceramic art and design. After graduating, he taught ceramics for eight years.

In 1997, Bi immigrated to the US and established himself as a ceramist and teacher in Chicago. Seven years later, he moved to the DC area and now lives in Maryland. Bi is adjunct faculty at Montgomery College and a Studio Artist and instructor at VisArts, where he teaches mixed-level and intermediate wheel and special projects in handbuilding, including glazes and surface decorating techniques.

Through his life and work, Bi has built a bridge between the introspective sensibilities of Chinese culture and the dynamism of modern Western culture. His ceramics, sculpture, and calligraphy reflect traditional Chinese influences infused with a contemporary aesthetic.

Bi has exhibited in solo and group shows in Asia and the US, including at the Chinese American Museum (2022), Glenview Mansion Art Gallery (2017), MK Gallery (2015), and VisArts (2014, 2012). His work is in the collections of the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts and the Waterloo Fine Arts Museum, and in private collections in the US, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.


Instagram: @xiaoshengbi_art

Image: Xiaosheng Bi, Jasmine, 2023

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