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Kaplan Gallery


Here from You

Curated by Anthony Stepter, 2018 VisArts Emerging Curator

October 26 – December 2, 2018

Kaplan Gallery

A care package; money to cover the rent; a big box full of snacks and practical items for the new year—a remittance is a not just a gesture, but an attempt to maintain connections. Artists, like all people, are in many ways more connected across geography than ever before, but barriers, both natural and political, often separate people and homelands. The act of sending remittances in the form of money earned in one country back to one’s home is not just common, but in some locations around the world, an indispensable part of both daily life and the national economy.

Here From You is a group exhibition that emerged from personal reflections on the practice of sending remittances, and the ways in which this very common act is often presented in popular media as merely a financial transaction. This oversimplification is often used in arguments to either support or denigrate specific communities, particularly those facing forced movement and other forms of oppression. In truth, networks of remittance may be as much about maintaining personal and emotional connections across a separation as anything else.

This exhibition considers the act of attempting to connect across a separation, to be a broadly human experience that can be expressed over physical distance, throughout time, and across generations. The participating artists have all produced work that invite reflections on how distance, movement and separation manifests in sometimes personal, and sometimes very political ways.

Here From You features the work of Michelle Dizon, Alexandria Eregbu, Fidencio Fifield-Perez, Rami George, Daniel Haddad Troconis, and Gelare Khoshgozaran.

About the VisArts Emerging Curator Program: The VisArts Emerging Curator Program pairs an emerging curator with an experienced mentoring curator to produce new exhibitions and related programming. The program is generously funded by the Windgate Charitable Foundation.

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