Nancy Havlik Dance Performance Group

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In(Site) Project Gallery

March 31, 2017, 8:00 PM

In(Site) Project Gallery

Nancy Havlik Dance Performance Group dancers along with musicians Gary Rouzer and Nate Scheible respond to the paintings of Kevin Labadie with sensitive improvisational movement and sound.


About Nancy Havlik:

Nancy Havlik has directed and choreographed for the past 25 years.  She formed Dance Performance Group in 1989 as a vehicle to explore choreographic ideas with a small gathering of dancers and musicians.  Dance Performance Group has performed extensively in the Washington DC area, in New York and in Eastern Europe presented by both formal venues and alternative spaces. Recently Havlik’s choreography has taken a more improvisational direction reinforced by her studies with Robert Dunn, Simon Forti, Saski Hegt as well as Susan Rethorst, Tere O’Connor and John Jaspers.  Nancy Havlik believes that improvisation is an essential tool for dancers both to discover and expand their movement preferences and find their  “artistic voice” no matter if they end up using improvisation in performance, for choreography or for personal discovery.  Carmel Morgan of Ballet Dance Magazine as called Havlik’s choreography  “gloriously beautiful to behold…In delicate and intimate ensemble work, Havlik’s choreography excelled.”

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