2019 Bresler Resident Artist – MJ Neuberger: Light gets in

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Common Ground Gallery


Opening reception:Friday, January 24, 7-9 PM

MJ Neuberger: Light gets in

January 22 – March 8
Common Ground Gallery, VisArts, 2nd Floor

2019 Bresler Resident Artist MJ Neuberger’s sculptural works, images, and light-based and performative installations and events offer the viewer haptic and visual opportunities to embrace shared vulnerability and alterity. Light breaks from shards of pottery shaken by the tiniest of movements of the body. She attempts to mend an heirloom cloth with her hair to acknowledge a connection to indigenous Filipino weavers who were portrayed as savages by U.S. colonizers and rejected by members of her family. A daily practice of lying prostrate within a bounded space records the imprint of the body on the ground over time. Her sculptural practice engages self-created rituals, elemental processes and native traditions as metaphors for reoccupying bodies abandoned across generations by colonial, racial, and gender-based violence.

About the artist: MJ Neuberger has presented work at Art Resources Transfer, Gathering of the Tribes and the Nuyorican Poets Café in New York and at exhibitions in Maryland, North Carolina and Indiana. She teaches art at Towson University, works with underserved youth as a makerspace coordinator, and organizes community-based art/performance events. Her writing and criticism have appeared in SPIN, The Nation and the Village Voice.


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