Keep A-Knockin’ Broadcast Series: December 16, 2021

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Transceiver Radio presents

Mike McGonigal, aka DJ Yeti’s 

’Buked & Scorned: The Gospel Hour

11 November at 7:00 PM 

Normally airing on XRAY.FM (91.1 FM, 107.1 FM, and Online) out of Portland, Oregon, ’Buked & Scorned offers up an hour of raw, rare, otherworldly Gospel music. DJ Yeti, aka Mike McGonigal, has been collecting gospel 45s for years, curating the CD compilations Fire in My Bones in 2009 and This May Be My Last Time Singing in 2011 for Tompkins Square Records. Of his Gospel compilations, Pitchfork writes, “[they are] deeply compelling document[s] of the various ways human beings talk to God.” McGonigal also edits the music and art publication Maggot Brain, previously edited the publication Yeti, and wrote the 33 ⅓ book on My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless


Mike McGonigal, aka DJ Yeti’s


2 December at 7:00 PM 

Transceiver Radio presents

Psychedelic Jesus Freaks: An Introduction to the Music of the Late Great Jesus Movement [1965–1980]

09 December at 7:00 PM

Join Los Angeles-via-Austin-based singer-songwriter Alex Dupree, Professional Wizard Devin Person, and Keep A-Knockin’ curator Joshua Gamma on a mind-bending journey through the psychedelic rock and trippy folk records that emerged from the Jesus People Movement of the late-1960’s until the dawn of the Reagan-era—an unexpected Holy Union of charismatic Christianity and the hippie counterculture.


Transceiver Radio presents a Queer Double Feature Rebroadcast: 

16 December at 7:00 PM

Hoeteps [aka. Markele Cullins] + Babizulu: An Ode to Rosetta

Hoeteps + Babizulu channel a live interference from a future liberated Black Queer outer space utopia into our regularly scheduled radio programming. 

[original air date: 03 MAY 2019]


SM Prescott: Joyful Rage

You are invited to participate in Joyful Rage—a Holy, Queer Liturgy from the Deep South led by S.M. Prescott. To be said, prayed, sung, or screamed; kneeling, sitting, standing, or in procession, as you feel led, and as you are able. Leave your hang-ups behind.

[original air date: 12 NOV 2020]

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