Jamille Wallick: until the truth is disclosed

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Gibbs Street Gallery

Jamille Wallick: until the truth is disclosed

February 2-March 10, 2024

Gibbs Street Gallery

VisArts’ 2023 Studio Fellow Jamille Wallick’s until the truth is disclosed is a structural, site-specific installation. The solo show features a walk-in camera obscura with a community quilt as the outer shell/cover, made up of individual patchwork spirals that have been stitched together.

According to Wallick, “Steel framing is a traditional way of framing many of the spaces we occupy in a western society, especially America. It is quite literally a system we build around ourselves over and over again with very particular sets of rules and guidelines. Usually it is covered up in hard, cold materials that hide it as a skeleton rather than leaving it bare and more vulnerable for examination. Quilts have long historical use in story-telling, in domesticity, in cozy home-like spaces, but also in tradition and even definitions of femininity. Used structurally, it softens the idea of building a structure, referencing blanket forts but also cozying in, safety and intimacy of coming home.”

Inspired by bell hook’s All About Love: New Visions, the title until the truth is disclosed is from a chapter expressing the necessity of approaching interactions with honesty over fear and secrecy.

About the Artist

Born in North Carolina and currently living in Maryland, Jamille Wallick is a mixed media artist influenced by the ecosystems of Atlantic coast states. She holds a B.A. in dance studies/general anthropology and an M.Ed. in new media and global education from Appalachian State University, and an M.F.A. in studio arts from the George Washington University.

Before moving to the DMV, Wallick worked as media instructor, freelance media artist, and dancer with SG Ballet (Boone, N.C.). She was also a founding member and president of the community arts group, Verge Dance Collective.

In 2022, Wallick was awarded a Keyholder Fellowship at Pyramid Atlantic Art (Hyattsville, Md.), where she studied paper-making and printmaking. She also installed “Pleiades Sisters,” a large-scale work consisting of three sculptures, at Brunswick Beer and Cider (Brunswick, N.C.). Additionally, she worked as an associate producer and media specialist on “LEGACY: 50 Years of Dance on the Edge,” an exhibition/immersive installation with artists Maida Withers and Robin Bell, at the Corcoran FLAGG Building (Washington, D.C.).

Wallick currently works as a freelance multimedia artist and an adjunct professor of art and media at the George Washington University and Appalachian State University.


Image: Jamille Wallick, Fabric Spiral, 2023

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