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Kaplan Gallery

What role does happiness play in contemporary art? Is it hard to make artwork that is happy without getting sappy? The eight artists in this exhibition bring a mix of exuberance, independence, irreverence, and play to artwork and the practice of making art. Even when borrowing from nostalgic sources and popular mythologies, their work seems “happy”. They channel a Matisse-like attitude toward happiness; one of acceptance rather than escape from a life permeated by joy, sadness, loss and victory. Gravitating toward idiosyncratic materials and unpredictable studio practices, they open a conversation about the relationship of happiness and sappiness to contemporary art and culture.

Artists include: Stewart Watson, Kelley Bell, Margo Malter, Nick Peelor, Amy Boone-McCreesh, David Krueger, Bonnie Crawford-Kotula, Fabienne Lasserre.

Artist Talk: During Reception Friday, December 12 from 7–9pm,

Artist Discussion: Sunday, January 11 from 2-4pm


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