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Gibbs Street Gallery

Rockville, MD- VisArts presents a juried exhibition of artists 18 to 25 years in the Gibbs Street Gallery from June 27 to July 6. Juried by art consultant Jack Devine of Artists Circle Fine Art, the exhibition features aspiring Maryland artists whose artwork has not been displayed in a professional art gallery. The goal was to offer young artists an opportunity to bring their artwork to the public and to experience the process of exhibiting in a gallery. VisArts Gallery Director and Curator Susan Main was approached by a Montgomery College student with the request for an exhibition that would allow artists his age, who are seriously making artwork, to have a show. Most of these artists are in an in-between phase. They are undergraduate students or recent grads uncertain about how to proceed with a career in art or what it takes to be an artist. Many are under financial, social and educational pressures that might preclude further study in art. Others are committed to a non-art career track yet are passionate about making art. Most are working under the art world radar of the region.

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