Gabriel Soto: Vision / Apparition

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355 POD Space Gallery

Gabriel Soto: Vision / Apparition

March 22–June 22, 2024
355 POD Space Gallery

The works included in this exhibition focus on “the miracle,” an event or object that breaks our notions of what is real, possible, or conceivable. These works explore hallucinations, magical energies, and visions as an aesthetic and conceptual framework. Growing up in a deeply Catholic country, and being interested in esotericism and the occult, Soto created these works as a search for a visual language that he could use to express his anxieties about the nature of reality, the state of the world, and the fate of the human spirit. The results are paintings of surreal structures and apparitions that present viewers with a vision of other realities and altered perceptions, much like the ones that Catholicism and Pagan magic revere with zeal and conviction. 

About the Artist

Gabriel Soto (b. El Salvador, 1993) is a painter with an interest in vintage imagery, philosophy, science, and esotericism. He graduated with a BFA from The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where he trained in figurative and representational art. His work has been shown nationally and internationally.

Soto is currently based in the Washington, DC area, where he resides as a DACA recipient.

About the 355 POD Space Gallery
VisArts and Morguard North American Residential REIT (the REIT) have partnered to provide opportunities for local artists to bring their ideas to life with site-specific art installations at the 355 POD Space Gallery, which is located at 355 Hungerford Drive.

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Image: Gabriel Soto, Ahimsa For Times of Corona, 2023

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