Frame & Frequency VIII

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View a PDF of the Frame & Frequency VIII program here

View a PDF of the press release for Peace Letters to Ukraine here

Frame & Frequency VIII

May 7 & 8, 2022, 12 – 4 PM

Buchanan Room

Frame & Frequency is an ongoing International New Media, Film, and Video Art screening program presented by VisArts. This installment highlights the work of 18 international artists from across the US, Canada and Mexico, from Ukraine to Belgium, Singapore to Greece and more. These new media, experimental film, and video works explore contemporary visual culture, and present an intimate panorama of the variety and breadth of video art in artistic practice today – including various themes such as pandemic experiences, climate change, appropriation,  simulation vs representation, repetition, identity and gender politics, as well as formal investigations of film and video as mediums.

Frame & Frequency aims to present a diverse group of artists representing multi-generational and cultural backgrounds, nationalities and personal histories, while demonstrating the artists’ impressive command of video and new media technologies.

This edition includes artists: Adán De La Garza, Alana Bartol, Alex Culshaw, Alexander Isaenko, Benson A’kuyie, Carlos Vázquez, Clem Routledge, Dina Kelberman, Eri Kassnel, Guido Devadder, Jacob Raeder, Johannes DeYoung, Masha Vlasova, Nate Dorr, Nelson Fernandes, Niya B & Bunny Cadag, Sebastian Mary Tay, and Wheeler Winston Dixon

Also on view will be Peace Letters to Ukraine – an internationally networked action between participating artists, curators and cultural institutions in solidarity with Ukraine. Click here for the press release.

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