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Concourse Gallery

Fantastic Bodies

Curated by Frank McCauley

January 11 – February 24, 2019

Concourse Gallery, VisArts 2nd floor

This exhibition presents a diverse group of artists representing multi-generational and cultural backgrounds, nationalities, and personal histories. It demonstrates the artist’s impressive command of video and new media technologies, while exploring the ways in which the photographic, televisual, and digital can change how we perceive the human body and everyday life.

Fantastic Bodies brings together artists such as Maggie Hazen and David Politzer, whose works encompass performance, sculpture, and the moving image conflating the physical world and its experiences on screen. For some artists, such as Joe Hambleton, Benjamin Rosenthal, and Jonathan E. Baker, the lens of the camera creates a space to rethink the representation of sociopolitical identities and to question the structures that govern our understanding of ritual, gender, and sexuality. For others, such as Florine Mougel and Mariam Eqbal, technology offers opportunities to consider the body as malleable, fragmented, and at times even impossible.

Artists include: Jonathan E. Baker, Constantinos Chaidalis, Mariam Eqbal, Joe Hambleton, Maggie Hazen, Deborah Kelly, Colleen Keough, Shon Kim, Florine Mougel, David Politzer, and Benjamin Rosenthal. With a special screening of Jonathan Monaghan’s Disco Beast

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