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Common Ground Gallery


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February 4 – February 27 

Common Ground Gallery 


Unbearably to be joined with the needles of the cactus. Brackish soil keeping its secrets from everybody. I am not singing. Somebody is. ANTIGONE. VELOCITY. SALT. is a staging ground for new myths; a book of poetry; a ramshackle shroud of language and grief; an invitation into a wider mourning. There are creatures to be tended to. Using found and natural materials alongside audio recordings of a fragmented poetic retelling to create a stage for cocreated performative interventions and activations, ANTIGONE. VELOCITY. SALT. offers the frame of the Antigone myth to articulate the ways in which Palestinian grief is policed—physically by the Israeli state, and imagistically by the imperial imagination across the globe. Songs of dirt destroy things. Moments of interactivity in the performances and rituals of the exhibit encourage audiences to move beyond the passive mode of witness and towards solidarity. Abjection spills out into dailiness. Retribution, ideology, hammer, salt, keening. To be here and not to be gone; to be gone and still to be here. 

About the artist: 

Fargo Tbakhi is a queer Palestinian performance artist, a Taurus, and a cool breeze. Find more at fargotbakhi.com. 



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