Accessible Arts 2017

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Effective January 1: Masks are Optional in VisArts’ Classrooms and Studios

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Concourse Gallery

March 24 – April 9

Concourse Gallery

Opening Reception: March 27th


Accessible Arts highlights the work of students in VisArts’ Accessible Arts classes offered to adults receiving support services from Community Services for Autistic Adults and Children (CSAAC) and Compass, Inc. VisArts’ Accessible Arts class encourages freedom of expression and independence in art. 

The Accessible Arts teachers support students in artistic engagement in a recreational setting by providing the least amount of facilitation necessary for students to access the artistic process. Through individualized and creative approaches to artmaking, students create personally satisfying artwork.

Featured artists: Mary Sauerbier, Sue Beth Levinson, Diedra Singletary, Carol Grace, Nadia Jerschkowsky, Kim Brenner, Geraldine Gilner, Frank Morgan, Elizabeth Chang, John Mitchell, Antonia Lowery, Kim Case, Lisa Byun, Roxanne Walker, Raymond Berrios, Alexander McRae, Alex Okanlawon, Maura Connolly, Uchenna Akpom, Albert Annan, Jeremy Ley, Matthew Eck, Stephen Henderson, Susan Jolles, Hung Tran, Maria Rojas                    

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