Abstraction: Finding The Thread

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Kaplan Gallery

Group exhibition of seven critically acclaimed painters committed to abstract painting. eschewing the depiction of realistic imagery, all have found continual fascination with abstraction as the thread to infinite possibilities. Their paintings tie the formal arrangement of the basic elements of art to a vast array of social, intellectual, emotional and perceptual influences. The results are exquisite individual paintings that are resounding visual experiences. Featuring: Timothy App, Dan Dudrow, Dennis Farber, Carol Miller Frost, Bill Schmidt, Jo Smail, and Michael Weiss.

Artist Roundtable: Saturday, April 5, 2:00 pm
Moderator: Jack Rasmussen RSVP (free)

RSVP Now (free)

A discussion with artists in the group exhibition, Abstraction: Finding the Thread, on view now in the Kaplan Gallery through April 20.
Jack Rasmussen, Director and Curator of the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center, will moderate the conversation surrounding abstract painting and its relevance as a contemporary art practice.


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