Summer Camp Scholarship Application

  • Student(s) Information

  • Parent/Guardian #1 Information

  • Parent/Guardian #2 Information (If applicable)

  • Dependents

  • Application

  • Your adjusted gross income can be found on the following IRS forms: - 1040 line 37 - 1040 line 47 & 52 - 1040 EZ line 11 - Telefile K (2)
  • Sessions

    Please indicate which sessions you would like to attend, as well as how many students you would like to send to each session.
  • Please be specific. If you have children you would like to send at different times, please specify which child would attend which session.
  • Please upload a 2-minute video that we can post on social media demonstrating in a creative way why art is important to you.
    Drop files here or