Viva Virtuoso (any pronouns)

Onsite Kids Camp – Session I, III, IV, V

“Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!”

When it comes to her approach at art, life, and education, Miss Viva Virtuoso has adopted the iconic words of eccentric 4th-grade science teacher, Ms. Frizzle, of the Magic School Bus book series. Viva became acquainted with art from early childhood; growing up a performer trained in classical musica and theater gave her a foundation from with to explore creativity in diverse ways as a method of expressing herself and her passions. What started as a small series of self-portraits in a notebook, lead to a love of experimenting with media, textures, colors, and layers.

Miss Viva began exploring the visual arts in college while studying early education and has continued to expand her reertoire of media by regularly participating in creative workshops and programs. Whether she is embroidering a painted canvas, treating wood with watercolor, making wearable costums from tissue paper, or directing homemade DIY puppet shows, Viva is a never-ending source of self expression and creativity. She is energized by working with her students to help them greely and artistically express themselves!