Christen Shank (she/her)

Onsite Kids Camp – Sessions I – V

Although she only looks 98, Christen is actually over a million years old. Raised by goats in the wilderness of the flea markets, Christen can weave a basket or fly a small airplane. She is made of grit and is a one of a kind asset with a unique and eclectic set of artistic and life skills.

Also known as Shank the Tank, she is an original skater for Montgomery County’s roller derby league FSRD who was honored to lead a tribe of women to sweet victory for two seasons.

With a diet strictly of bugs and children’s toes, Christen has dedicated her life to the arts. She began private instruction over thirty years ago and is competent in a wide variety of mediums. Aside from an Art Education degree Christen is finishing a Business degree with plans to continue pursuing elaborate pieces of ornate paper until her imminent demise.

Christen aspires to separate from society and live plainly and simply in an elaborate shack in the woods. She hopes to continue to be a positive source of knowledge to her two sons and her to students. With over a decade teaching she understands the importance of art and abstract thinking.