VisAbility Art Lab History

Founded in 2015 as a partnership between VisArts and Madison House Autism Foundation, the VisAbility Art Lab provides artists with a studio at VisArts where they can explore and develop their artistic talents, participate in workforce development and life skills training, and forge a deeper and more meaningful relationship within a fully inclusive creative community.

Lab artists have had numerous successes and positive outcomes. Participants are particularly appreciative of the many exhibition opportunities that have been generated by the program. These events have attracted a broad audience of family, friends, artists, collectors and the public, and have provided artists an opportunity to sell their work. Artists receive a 60% commission on the sale of their artwork, and design and licensing fees from merchandise.

Elaine Parks
VisAbility Art Lab Coordinator

About the Coordinator

Elaine Parks, Program Director of the VisAbility Art Lab, has been creating as long as she remembers.  She earned a Bachelor of Studio Arts from American University and went on to earn her Masters in Art Therapy from The George Washington University. She has worked with adults and children in a variety of settings. Not only has Elaine been sharing her passion for art with clients, but also with her three children. Elaine has been with the the VisAbility Art Lab since its launch in 2015. She also teaches a multi-media class to adults with autism as part of the Accessible Arts Program at VisArts.

“Amazing things happen everyday at the VisAbility Art Lab. I love to watch the artists collaborate and create.”

Elaine Parks, VisAbility Art Lab Director