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In a honeybee hive one can find a level of cooperation and collaborative teamwork that exists nowhere else on Earth. Each bee has an important role to play in the survival and success of the hive.

A business is much like a hive- the ultimate success of the hive depends upon its individual human along together. This project asks participants to consider their individual place in the hive and their contributions to the success of their group.

Using 14 inches hexagon shaped canvases, participants will create a hive that represents their individual strengths, passions and contributions to their group. Canvases can be assembled into any number of designs to represent an almost un-limited number of connections between co-workers.


$1,100 for groups of up to 16 participants
Additional participants $50 each

Fluid Painting (NEW PROJECT!)

The hottest trend in painting this year! This is the ultimate creative painting experience-no brush required. Participants will create two 6 x 6 inches paintings after practicing on a small surface. Fluid painting is a type of abstract art that uses acrylic paints mixed with different pouring mediums to create a fluid, flowing consistency. The acrylic paints react with each other when combined to create extraordinary patterns and designs. This class will focus on pouring techniques such as puddle pouring, dirty pour, and swiping.

Work will be left with VisArts staff to dry and be varnished.
Work will be ready for pick up within 5 business days.


$850 for groups of up to 16 participants
Additional participants $34/each


Participants can select form blue of clear wine bottles to create a three-dimensional painting using special glass paints. VisArts supplies special corks with LED lights that can be switched on and off to create a one-of-a-kind work of art.

This project can be taken home at the end of the event.


$900 for groups of up to 18 participants
Additional participants $34 each

Palettes and Paint

Social painting classes are a great way to entertain your corporate colleagues or a group of friends. You pick an image, your guests receive a lightly pre-sketched 16” x 20” canvas, and an instructor leads a step-by-step painting lesson. This three-hour class can be tailored to a two-hour class, if desired.


$850 for groups of up to 18 participants
Additional participants $34 each

Collaborative Painting

An ideal team building experience, collaborative painting requires participants to negotiate color, design elements, and transitioning between individual canvases to create a cohesive product. As in the workplace, co-workers must consider the opinions and views of others to produce a finished work. The image above was painted by 20 people and uses twelve 16” x 20” canvases to create one large image.

Includes assembly and wiring of one mural


$950 for groups of up to 18 participants
Additional participants $34 each

Musical Easels

A new twist on collaborative painting, participants start with the same pre-sketched canvas, rotating to another canvas every 15 to 20 minutes. Just as work projects require us to consider co-workers’ input, this activity focuses more on the creative process than the final product. This is a terrific activity for even the most reluctant of painters because each painting is the product of many. The images above were created by 16 people.


$850 for groups of up to 18 participants
Additional participants $34 each




People are often described by referencing animals: timid as a mouse, roars like a lion, changes spots like a leopard! Participants will have the opportunity to create hybrid animals that reflect their personalities, challenges or strengths. VisArts will provide lots of images to work with and then our instructor will lead your guests through the sketching and painting of their creation. This activity allows for participants to reveal parts of themselves that they may keep hidden or to express an aspect of their personality that they hope others will see. This creative activity allows for reflection as well as self -expression. Since the animal creations are imaginary there is no “right” or “wrong” way to express oneself. This is all about creativity and having fun.


$850 for groups of up to 16 participants
Additional participants $34 each




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