Pamela Hill-Byrne


With a background in illustration and set design I constantly find I use these skills to create my jewelry.  First of all I love to build things, which is most apparent in my bracelets.  The “chunky look” of the bracelets has become a signature style for me, although each bracelet is a one of a kind piece.  I create this chunky look or volume with hollow-form construction, which are hollow box-like shapes allowing larger pieces without a lot of weight.  Additionally, I love to make mechanisms, crazy clasps, hinges, and things like that.  My line of jewelry consists of bracelets, pendants, pins and earrings. I work with various stones, fossils, pearls, glass, and different metals in my jewelry.  I strive to create cohesive, truly comfortable and functional pieces. And as I say, options are good since many of my pieces have an alternate way to be worn giving a new look to the piece.

My illustration training is used throughout my process, but is most apparent in my new line of jewelry, “The Portrait Series”.  This new line incorporates my original artwork of birds and animals which are set in sterling silver and accented with natural stones or pearls.  These pieces are pins and pin/pendants, and many have an alternative, optional chain or neckpiece to change the look.

I feel very fortunate to be able to work in a creative field.  Many days I find myself awake early, eager to get to work.  It’s safe to say I love what I do and I am immensely satisfied when others do as well.