Jenna Wright is from Hamilton, New Jersey.  She went to Millersville University of Pennsylvania where she received a BFA focusing in ceramics and a BSE in Art Education K-12. She received her MFA from The University of Texas at San Antonio also focusing in ceramics. She is teaching wheel throwing and sculpture to various ages as VisArts Center.

“My work starts with the “home” and the dense suburban environment of my native New Jersey.  The Northeast’s landscape has been altered and sculpted by residential living and greatly differs from the relative openness of the American West. The essence of intimacy and abstraction of the sociological home is what I debate. The molding of an individual, the formation (interior/exterior) of a home, and the shaping of a landscape all have common ideals in our society, to which I am drawn.

My conceptual development starts with the physical media, whether that is clay, wood, or found material.  As I progress I am constantly thinking of the individual within the society. What would their choices be?  How and why are they making those choices? We all curate our homes as an aesthetic expression of individuality but this expression is censored by the pressure of social mores. I am exploring how conventional social pressures impact our understanding of home and domestic comforts.”