Jane Hartman

Jane is a glass artist who loves working in both fused glass and stained glass.

Her educational background in science is evident in her unique choice of subjects, which may include anything from insects, fish, and trilobites; to protozoa, planarians and viruses. Though her art is stylized, Jane pays particular attention to scientific details and embraces the vivid colors found in nature. She tries to find and incorporate humor when she can, whether it’s with the crossed eyes of a two-headed planarian, or with a “bioluminescent” light bulb on an anglerfish.

Jane’s work is seen regularly in juried Gallery Shows & Craft Shows in the area, as well as online and at her studio at Visarts. She also teaches classes at Visarts and privately. She is thrilled to do commission work, especially those that incorporate wondrous and obscure life forms seen in the natural world.