Dunnie Onasanya

My artwork is an exploration of Pan African modernism which delves into the connectedness of the historic and the abstract by creating a conversation between color, texture and vibrance.

Often referencing African culture or faith symbolism, my work explores the varying relationships between tribal influences and women in power. Having engaged subjects such as unity and spirituality my work produces visually stimulating experiences.

While I utilize a variety of materials and processes my methodology is consistent. Although there may not always be material similarities between the different projects I complete they will always linked by my unique freedhand style of lines and curves.  The subject matter and client preference of each of my works determined the materials I will choose to use on the project.  During both the research and production phase of my process new areas of interest always arise and often lead to the next body of work I venture into cultivating.

About the Artist: Dunnie Onasanya is a Nigerian American visual artist and muralist. Dunnie is currently devoting her time polishing her artistry as a canvas painter and muralist. Her work is heavily influenced by her West African heritage and faith in God. She creates breathtaking abstract works, cultural masks, hamsas and other historic symbols with the use of bright colors, metallic paints, gold leaf and jewels.

Dunnie was the featured International visual artist at AfroChic Cultural Arts Festival 2018 in Toronto Canada. Most recently she performed a live painting demonstration of cultural masks at the Umu Igbo Unite Nigerian Cultural Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has also participated in several pop-up events and exhibitions. She recently partnered with joonafrica.com, an Afrocentric Interior Decor design company to curate her art for purchase. She’s also working on releasing her home collection of throw pillows, wall art, wearable art and home decor and other on joonafrica.com.

As a survivor of domestic violence she is dedicated to sharing her story and artistry practice to aid in the healing of others through Art which has been her primary form of therapy that she is uses to inspire others, by bringing them love, joy, and light.