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“Who Gets to be An Artist?” is an art-facilitating project that brings visual and art-making to people with disabilities who otherwise may not have access. Our position is that art is created in the mind and can be extracted from a person by customized creative problem solving. Each facilitator works one-on-one with their artist to determine which methods (or new methods) may work best to enable visions to be realized.

The objective is for participants to create artwork with trained and skilled facilitators. Facilitators act as tools to aid in the physical artmaking process. Artists direct the facilitator through every step of the process. The work is a result of the participants’ decision making.

Artists are offered the option to take workshop classes on related topics, such as Color Theory and Drawing and Painting, however, will have no prerequisite and artists can start experimenting and working with no class training. If an artist does decide to take an instructional class, during reasons, including juggling family and work obligations. These activities are designed to build community through art and make it fun and accessible to explore creativity during otherwise mundane chore time. The community significance is to enliven an everyday space through creative activity.

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