Rama AlFarkh

Rama AlFarkh paintings are of multi-handed, abstracted figures, evoking inner scenes of human creatures in subconscious states. Though we are individual, the subconscious is multiple (repetitions of the ego possess contradictory and different qualities). Creatures in Rama’s work are characterized by strength and weakness. They represent a dense scarcity and acute affluence as they illustrate a sense of movement. She reassigns body parts through a mixture of trials and mistakes to create something from nothing. During this process Rama is seeking to ask larger questions about our inner identity and explores the limit of the human ability to create inside their inner space with the accumulation of time. This leads her to study if we can apply the principles of ontology to this silent and noisy world. Her art aims to capture the viewer’s attention and suggest that there may be more to discover within ourselves which may be the key to better self-awareness. Each piece is an open monologue that allows the viewer to reflect and interpret further on their inner journey.

About the artist:

Rama AlFarkh was born in Amman, 1997, she obtained a BA in Physics from The University of Jordan in 2019. AlFarkh began her artistic career in 2015 and has participated in several local and international group exhibitions. She is a member of the Jordanian Plastic Artists Association, and she won the Rise Up contest first prize in Amman, 2019.



Acrylic on canvas

39×39 inches

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