Your materials box will have everything you need to create a beautiful paper collage “painting” of either a golden or green pear.  If you are really adventurous you could probably “paint” an apple if you prefer.  We include a large piece of vintage newsprint to use as a background plus lots of specialty and construction paper that you can embellish with the included watercolors.  You don’t need to know how to wield a paintbrush to make this gorgeous painting, if you can rip up paper, you will be successful.  Of course we will include step by step written instructions and a link to a video to help guide you through the project.

Click here for a video showing you step by step how to create this project.

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Materials Include:

  • 11×14 canvas
  • Watercolor set
  • Watercolor brush
  • Mod-podge
  • Chip brushes
  • Assorted papers
  • Vintage newspaper background paper
  • Watercolor paper scrapsWritten instructions