Finished Piece Drop-Off/Pick-Up

Finished Piece Drop-Off/Pick-Up

Students will make a variety of different projects that may need to be brought back to VisArts for glazing and/or firing. This process will be overseen by VisArts staff in its entirety. Projects should be brought in to VisArts facility for their completion and will be ready to be picked up two weeks later. Drop-off  and pick-up will not be curbside, you must bring/retrieve your pieces from the third floor administrative office. In your material box, you will receive several intake forms, these forms musts be filled out and included with any pieces that are brought to VisArts for completion. Those wishing to donate their leftover, gently used materials may do so during this time as well.

Drop-off days are Monday to Friday from 9-5. Pieces will be kept in our facilities for FOUR WEEKS after the two-week firing period. After this date, we cannot guarantee that pieces will still be available for pick-up.

Please make your appointment to drop off your finished pieces HERE. New dates are added on a two week period, so if you cannot find a time to drop your pieces off, please check back in periodically for new dates.


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