Finished Piece Drop-Off/Pick-Up

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Finished Piece Drop-Off/Pick-Up

Students will make a variety of different projects that may need to be brought back to VisArts for glazing and/or firing. This process will be overseen by VisArts staff in its entirety. Projects should be brought in to VisArts facility for their completion and will be ready to be picked up two weeks later. Drop-off  and pick-up will not be curbside, you must bring/retrieve your pieces from the third floor administrative office. Glaze tickets have been emailed, and are also available on the sign-up sheet. Please remember to include a ticket with each piece that you bring in to fire. For those that have been painting with underglaze, pieces will be coated with clear glaze unless otherwise specified. For those pieces that students wish to be glazed using one color (not underglazes) please specify which color on the ticket. Please see this useful video for advice on how to properly pack dried ceramic pieces for transport.

Drop-off days are Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Times are specified on the sign-up sheet. Pieces will be kept in our facilities for FOUR WEEKS after the two-week firing period. After this date, we cannot guarantee that pieces will still be available for pick-up.

Please see below for the link to the sign-up sheet.

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