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Effective January 1: Masks are Optional in VisArts’ Classrooms and Studios

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You may finish any work at an Open Studio within one week of the end of your class. If you are continuing with us, then you don’t have to do anything. If you are taking a break and will not be in the next session, please clean out your locker and take all glazed and bisqued pieces with you.

Firing ceramics is an organic process; things sometimes happen. To try and cut down on bad outcome, we ask that you pay close attention to glaze application. No one is allowed to glaze the bottom of pieces without prior permission. If student error leads to decay or destruction of kiln shelves, we reserve the right to assess a fee of up to $40 per kiln shelf.

No, we can’t. However, if space is available you may be able to go to a different day’s (or night’s) session. Any make-up session must be pre-approved.

Any registered student in an adult class can use the Open Studio. Please check online for Open Studio hours. Children who are enrolled in a ceramics class may use the studio, but anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied in the Open Studio at ALL times. Absolutely do not think about dropping your under-14 at the studio.

Each student can glaze up to 2,000 sq inches of material in an 8-week session (this total is pro-rated for shorter sessions). After that amount, glazed product is charged at .04 square inch. You must fill out a glaze ticket for every piece. You will be charged for refiring any piece.

We do not charge for bisque firings.

We provide studio glazes for all students. If you choose to use a commercial glaze, you must get prior approval. We do not guarantee any outcome for non-studio glazes.

We offer three clay bodies currently: Standard, brown and white. You may not bring in outside clay. We do sell clay to students who need more than the 25# that is included in registration. Standard clay is $15 for 25# and white and brown are $20.

We fire to a Cone 5 with a 20-minute hold in electric kilns. This gives an equivalent to Cone 6 firing. We have 5 electric kilns.

In your locker with your tools; don’t leave clay out.

At the beginning of each session you will receive 25# of standard clay. If you are a first-time student you will receive a set of tools.

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