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In the movie “Mona Lisa Smiles” students are given a “paint by numbers” canvas of DaVinci’s famous painting as their final art class assignment. While some of the students tried to copy DaVinci’s style, others “went off the reservation” to create works that bore very little resemblance to the original painting. We’ll encourage your guests to be inspired to make work that reflects their own individual style while being inspired by the original work and the artist who created it. We’ll provide a lightly sketched 16×20 canvas, acrylic paints, brushes, easel and of course a great instructor to talk about mixing colors and paint application as they guide your guests through the experience.

$24 per person plus $300 instructor/facility charge per three hour event.

Private Party FAQs

Absolutely! Our modern and versatile Buchanan Event Room is ideal for larger and/or more formal events. Pricing varies, so please see our sample rate sheets for details HERE.

VisArts is committed to making art experiences affordable and accessible. We offer special non-profit rates on room rental and materials fees. We also work with non-profit organizations to create their own fundraising art events: We provide the space and art activity at a discount; you sell tickets, find sponsors, and receive donations of food/beverage.

  • Yes, you may provide your own food and beverages including alcoholic drinks. All food must come from a licensed food facility such as a restaurant, grocery store or caterer. NO homemade food is permitted pursuant to Montgomery County health regulations.
  • If you serve alcohol, you must follow all relevant State of Maryland and Montgomery County laws regarding the purchase and service of alcohol. You must ensure that no one under the age of 21 is served alcoholic beverages, that no one is overserved and that no one is permitted to leave your event intoxicated. Pursuant to Maryland law, no open containers of alcohol can be removed from the premises.
  • If your event will be held in the Buchanan Event Room, additional requirements for food service and charges for the use of our catering kitchen apply. Depending upon the number of guests and menus, you may be required to use one of our preferred caterers.

Please contact Karen Askin at 301-315-8200 extension 119 or  Karen will work with you to find a date, space, and project appropriate for your group and budget. A signed contact, along with a deposit equal to the room rental fee and the instructor fee, are required to book your event. Full payment is due at least 48 hours prior to the event. Payments may be made using check, cash or credit cards.

Yes, we are happy to come to your organization or commercial venue; however, we cannot offer art events at private residences. In addition to instructor/facilitator and materials fees, we charge a minimum travel fee of $400.00 to bring materials, plus an additional fee for distances of more than 15 miles from VisArts. If your space requires a protective floor covering, additional fees may apply. You are responsible for providing tables, chairs, and a nearby water source that can be accessed by our instructor.

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