Petra Janka

Since my early childhood, I was exposed to diverse cultures. I also had fantastic opportunities to travel around the world and visit the greatest museums and art galleries in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, the US, and the UK. Before I moved to the United States, I lived for 15 years in Hungary. I also spent several months as an exchange student in Spain. Each culture had a great influence on me and I saw how powerful art can be in building bridges and mutual understanding between people coming from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. I like it when artistic creations radiate optimism and positive energy. This was the main idea of my paintings – to elicit positive emotions in anyone who saw them.

About the artist:

Petra Janka was born in Veszprem, Hungary in 2003. She is currently pursuing two majors at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County: a BFA in Visual Arts with concentration in Graphic Design, and a BA in Modern Languages and Linguistics. Recently, she has received a Summer Research and Study Grant. She is a proud fellow of the Linehan Artist Scholar Program, which has become her “artist” family. After graduation, Petra plans to apply to a Master’s program and to continue developing her skills in graphic design. As her long-term career goal, she would like to work for international non-profit organizations.

The infinity of joy
Acrylic and modeling paste on canvas
16 x 20 inches

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