Once Shattered, 2020, Kiln formed glass, 13 x 11 x 2 inches

Nan Bevan

“Over 20 years of working in glass has allowed me to explore the color and beauty of warm glass, from the intimate size of personal adornment to design on a larger scale.  Since glass is a unique material that both reflects and transmits light, larger standing pieces allow the viewer to share in a changing, often opalescent vision of the world. 

Daily walks are a rich source of inspiration, from the feel and color of worn brick sidewalks to the dappled shadows of leaves as they move above. 

Combining these images is a continuous challenge and delight that gives me the opportunity to tease out color gradients and explore the chemical reactions that occur at high temperatures in the kiln firing process. These reactions can produce beautiful, strange, and often unpredictable changes to the glass, infusing a sense of mystery.”

About the artist:

Nan Bevan is a contemporary glass artist and arts educator. In 2002 she surrendered to her love of color and to the brilliant world of warm glass. Bevan’s work explores the intimate joys of art jewelry as well as the emotions evoked by larger colorful standing sculptures. In the past 20 years, her work has shown in exhibitions nationally and enjoys a place private collections.



VisArts 2021 Faculty & Student Show