MC Daubendiek

my work is a manifestation of, and processing space for, my 21-odd years worth of failures, opinions, and ignorance. a primary driver in my practice is my experience as an ncaa athlete and how that experience has affected my final years of childhood and altered my self-perception. emotional and temporal labor makeup a significant chunk of my process. i use life experiences like a medium. the physical pieces i construct are in conversation with– but not dependent upon– their material. their ethos comes from my casual masochism, and their sensory qualities are motivated by my immediate desires. that being said, i have an affinity for the realm in between digital and analogue processes, performance, and the color hot pink. 

About the Artist

mc daubendiek is a queer, multidisciplinary artist and curator. she works in video, performance, sculpture, and painting to craft installations that collaborate with space and aim to create curiosity in others to encourage a sense of presence. in her practice, she hopes people leave the work feeling more aware and invested in their own experiences. as a curator, mc works with other artists to bring spaces alive and provide experimental options for viewing work. she is a midwest-native, born in omaha, nebraska and presently resides in washington, dc. she is a third year student at the corcoran school of the arts and design double majoring in art history and fine arts. currently, mc is an exhibitions assistant for the corcoran, and she plays division i volleyball for the George Washington University.



20in x 14in x 22in

Plywood, Hardware, 3D printing filament, Plaster, Pill bottle, Acrylic

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