Marisa Stratton

My painting practice approaches the internet in a way that is whimsical, infatuated with the potential physicality of an immaterial (but ever-present) structure in my life. My practice is centered around portraiture, digital self-presentation, what it means to view and be viewed through an interface. Each painting or painting collection-object is sourced from screenshots captured on web conferences or social media sites. Although these moments seem inconsequential, the digital infrastructures and interfaces that contain them continue to create a collective history of the present that is exponential in growth and cultural importance. The screenshot (often thought as disposable) becomes an artifact of movement through a digital interface that dictates experience. How do digital moments accumulate? Where do digital images go after being passed over?

About the artist:

Marisa Stratton (b.1999) is a painter whose work explores contemporary portraiture in the context of screens. Marisa holds a BFA in Communication Arts with a minor in Painting + Printmaking at Virginia Commonwealth University. She has shown in multiple group exhibitions including Joseph Gross Gallery (Tuscon, AZ), Virginia MoCA, (Virginia Beach, VA) and the Delaware Contemporary (Wilmington, DE). Stratton has been featured in New American Paintings and currently teaches painting at Georgetown University.

Big Scroll
Oil on wooden rotating carousel
11.75″ x 14.75″ x 14.75″

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