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The funds will be used to advance the project I developed during my Bresler Residency at VisArts. During the residency, I created a series of provisions for buoyancy made from materials salvaged locally in dumpsters, dumpsites, etc., and used these devices as props for performance actions in Washington, D.C. The project I’m proposing to pitch at F.E.A.S.T., involves my using the provisions created during my residency to perform actions in D.C.’s sister cities: Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York. I intend to do one 8 hour performance action in each of these cities and–given I have a wide enough network in Baltimore–a second in Baltimore where I will invite people to participate by walking with me for 1-2 hours, carrying readymade provisions through an area threatened by rising sea levels.

Finally, this project directly addresses the theme of Future Framers: Envisioning 2040, as it aims to put into perspective how water levels will change as a result of climate change. And through these performance actions, the project aims to engage the community members who live, work and enjoy these cities, while also extending the work beyond the local level, through the documentation process, thus inspiring people all over the nation and world to consider how sea level rise could impact their locals.

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