Hope Garden, 2020, Porcelain with underglaze and clear glaze, 7.5 x  5 x 1 inches 


Janice Feldman

Jan Feldman is new to art. She sustained multiple injuries, including a brain injury, in a car accident six years ago. These injuries released her creativity and inspired her to spend time in nature. Unable to sleep for many years after the accident, due to chronic pain, fantasies of magic gardens filled her nights and encouraged her to persevere. These visions of magic gardens are expressed in her works, and the aim is to provide comfort to all those who are suffering.

About the artist:

Jan Feldman retired from the Department of Treasury in 2019 after having spent over 30 years with the Federal government as an attorney. From 2014 until she retired, Jan was an executive running a legal division that provided the National Taxpayer Advocate and Taxpayer Advocate Service with legal support. In retirement, she volunteers at the Harvard Law School Federal Tax Clinic, and when she has a chance enjoys making ceramic art, having taken a variety of classes at Visarts. She would like to thank Mr. Bi for teaching her to paint and for inspiring her to develop as an artist.

VisArts 2021 Faculty & Student Show


The View From My Window, 2020, Porcelain with underglaze and clear glaze, 7.5 x 5 x 1 inches