Hartley Carlson

During my undergraduate studies, I ventured into the intersection of art and science, infusing concepts from neuroscience, chemistry, and biology into my artistic endeavors. This combination revealed unexpected relationships and bridged gaps between disciplines, showcasing the potential of art as a powerful tool for understanding the bidirectional relationship we have with the world around us. My creative process begins by digitally printing vivid imagery sourced from in vivo brain structures onto a single collagraph plate, which sets the foundation for my expansive multimedia prints. Using a variety of innovative techniques, I manipulate the plate, constantly building and transforming it through the careful application of texture mediums and material removal. The resulting series of prints is a visual representation of the principles of synaptic plasticity, pruning, and epigenetics, capturing the dynamic and constantly-evolving nature of the mind as it bends and forms from the surrounding environment. By exploring the intersection of art and science, I illuminate the intricate interplay between the external world and our internal physiology, revealing the essential role that our environment plays in shaping who we are. As my artistic journey continues to evolve, my commitment remains steadfast in expanding our knowledge of art’s impact on the human mind. I aspire to engage diverse audiences, sharing the discoveries and revelations that emerge from my explorations. Through this interdisciplinary approach, I aim to inspire a greater appreciation for the interconnections between art, science, and the human experience, unlocking the transformative potential that lies within each of us.

About the artist:

Hartley Carlson, a studio art and neuroscience major at the University of Maryland, first found his passion for art through medical illustration which quickly evolved into exploring many topics merging science and art. Hartley uses his experience working in a neuroscience lab and directly with patients in the hospital to inform the content and questions his artwork seeks to investigate. His contemporary work consists mostly of multi-media print and interactive installation. In his most recent installation, Hartley showcased the power of synaptic plasticity and epigenetic change on human development through a sequentially evolving multimedia print series. Hartley plans to continue navigating neuroscience topics regarding environmental plasticity and how this affects creativity in the mind.

Separated at Birth
Mixed Media Collagraph Installation
Prints: 30 x 50 inches Installation: 80 x 116 inches

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