Fanxi Sun

Working with moving and still images, sound, and installation, I investigate the idea of subjective reality through experimental narrative storytelling while centering the concepts of time and space. I construct my dynamic mechanism by composing the audio-visual mise-en-scene and experimenting with pace and rhythm. The balance and tension between visual and sonic elements tie the physical with the psychological. Movers in my work often perform the gestures of breathing, falling, holding, and grasping. Synesthesia gets activated as senses become interdependent with each other. I aim to create a multidimensional and transcendental experience in each piece of work. The idea that realness is multi-layered, self-embodied, and even self-generated, is what I explore, where the intense reality consists in all of the apparatus of representation.

About the Artist

Fanxi Sun (b. Huzhou, China) works with moving and still images, sound, and installation. While constructing her own dynamic mechanism in an experimental narrative style, Sun studies the body, the mind, and the subjectivity. She explores and experiments with the concept of time and space in multi-layered audio-visual experiences. The physical and the psychological closely interact in her practice, where the intense reality consists in all of the apparatus of representation. Sun’s works have been shown at film festivals and exhibitions across the world, including Odds & Ends Experimental Film Festival (Charlottesville VA), VIDEOAKTION #4 (Berlin, Germany), SPE Combined-Caucus Exhibition (Denver CO), Three Shadows Photography Art Centre’s “Unbounded” (Xiamen, China). She is the finalist of the 21st Trawick Prize at Bethesda Urban Partnership and artist-in-residence at Alex Brown Foundation. Sun holds an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, where she now teaches as an adjunct professor.

One, Two, One
Two-channel video installation with live sound
15:58, loop

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